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About us.

We do not cure. We prevent and improve. As lifelong illnesses and health concerns are rising, we offer people exceptionally personalised expertise and instruments to improve their lifestyle for short- and long-term results.
Combining intensive screening, in-depth analysis and dedicated coaching, we empower individuals to manage their health. We use data to detect alerts and develop tailored health tracks: DNA and blood samples provide the blueprint for made-to-measure advice and exercises, maximising the benefit on a wide variety of domains.
Both at our Health Hub and at home, we guarantee a unique customer experience, presenting premium infrastructure and connecting with leading experts.

Leadlife welcomes everyone determined to take control of their health; to take the lead in life.

32,3% of all Belgians suffer from at least 1 chronic disease, 70 to 90% of which could be avoided. We aim to lower these numbers. Our personalised expertise helps people to optimise overall health, improve mental focus and increase professional performance. We support our clients to live their life to the fullest.

At Leadlife, we believe that tailored science, technology and coaching are vital tools to manage and improve both short and long-term health; to move from prescription to prevention.

Our team, your program.

A quick fix? Why stop there? It’s not about a magic potion, we are in it for the long run – together, every step of the way. Our multidisciplinary team thoroughly analyses your data for both short-term and long-term improvements in a long-term partnership. From screening to planning, and back again, your coaches stay by your side to keep you energised.

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