Your health
is a process

Before we develop the tools to manage your health, we map your physical and mental condition. From intake to insights to increased performance and wellbeing, together we establish a solid foundation for prevention and improvement.


Screening and testing to assess your DNA, body and lifestyle.


Measuring your health and progress through your personal dashboard.


Managing individual progress through a custom fit program.


Improving your performance and resilience with top-class coaches.


Reaping long-term health benefits and preventing common lifestyle diseases.

Health Hub

With our 360° approach we leave no stone unturned, analysing DNA and blood, measuring body composition, evaluating performance and screening all vital functions. We assess these data with scientific expertise to design a specific program tailored to your individual needs. Our health tracks help people to optimise overall health, improve mental focus and increase professional performance.

Step 1 Screening Detailed Data

We collect a wide array of data – through sampling at home and testing on site – to develop and refine your personal, customised dashboard. A deeper understanding leads to made-to-measure advice and coaching on a whole new level.

DNA Samples

We collect your DNA with a simple mouth swab. This reveals your complete DNA profile, allowing us to formulate made-to-measure advice on food, exercise, stress, sleep and many other aspects. Our expertise in epigenetics enables us to ‘cooperate with your DNA’ by adjusting your lifestyle, optimally strengthening your health.

Blood Samples

Assess your risks of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases on a deeper level with a blood sample. Blood tests provide vital information, from a basic health screening up to a specific vitamin and micronutrient check-up. Our analysts use these data as a benchmark to outline your path towards optimal health.

Lifestyle Scores

To customise our approach on a personal level, we have developed the Leadlife Lifestyle Scoring System, fully digital and privacy-proof. We map your daily habits and behaviour, calculate your scores on – among others – determination, food, mind, and body and establish the touchpoints concerning productivity and health.

Physical Intake

We expand your DNA profile with data from an in-depth screening in our facilities. After discussing your medical history, we proceed with a body scan to assess your vital parameters and body composition. Then we examine your heart and lung function. We conclude with a basic fitness test. Our experts explain the results in person and in private, indicating ‘red flags’ and developing a tailored plan.

Step 2

Analysing Personal Dashboard

All the data we collect, is insightfully displayed in your individual dashboard and detailed intake report. As comprehensive as convenient. Your results are consolidated by the health coach and, obviously, you get plenty of time to personally discuss them. Medical and lifestyle alerts are translated into practical and measurable advices and instructions. If necessary, we will suggest additional testing or nutritional power-ups. Your health ID and personal dashboard are valuable tools to optimise your wellbeing and performance and will help you achieve your personal goals.

Step 3 Coaching Personal Health Tracks

How to improve your health and prevent disease? Our team presents a health track made-to-measure of your personal goals and health ID, as defined by our extensive intake assessment. During this track, you are permanently supported by your coach and we regularly invite you to the Leadlife Health Hub for monitoring.

Extras Power ups for specific needs.

With our far-reaching expertise and excellent infrastructure, we also offer specialised services answering recurring issues.

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