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You can start your Leadlife journey by selecting 2Measure or 2Measure+, before proceeding to checkout. Once you have placed an order, we will be in touch to start your journey.

Leadlife is currently only available in Belgium.

After ordering via our website, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

You will then receive your sample collection kit (for 2Measure) or your unique code (for 2Measure+) within two working days.

Yes, it is possible to order a Leadlife journey for someone else,

meaning you can always give your ordered journey as a gift.

Yes, you can easily order multiple Leadlife journeys at the same time.

Yes, you can cancel your order free of charge up until the sample collection kit or unique code has been sent. Once sent, cancellation fees may apply.

You can cancel your order free of charge up until the sample collection kit or personal code has been sent.

Once you have used the sample collection kit or personal code, it is no longer possible to request a refund.

You can track the status of your order via the track&trace number sent out with your 2Measure journey. You will receive an email for the 2Measure+ process.

If there appears to have been an error, please contact us at

Privacy and security

Alongside the scientific validity of your results, your data security is our highest priority.

To that end, all data is processed in encrypted form. When installing the Leadlife app on your mobile phone, you (and only you) will receive a unique digital key to unlock your data. You must keep this key as a file in a secure location.

The advantage of this system is that your data can be processed completely anonymously and encrypted via our servers. This means that, should our servers ever be hacked, no one can link the data to you, as they simply do not have the right key (as this is on your phone, which the hackers do not have access to).

This high form of security has great advantages, as it means that both you and we as a company can rest easy. However, it also has one disadvantage: you need to keep hold of that unique key. If you have lost your unique key through your phone being lost or stolen (or you have deleted the app), we will unfortunately no longer be able to help you. Furthermore, you will have lost your data irreversibly. 

You control your data. This means that you decide who gets access to it.

Over the course of your journey, the supervising doctor or Leadlife health coach will always ask for access to your data to help provide optimal guidance. You decide who you grant access to.

After your conversation with the doctor and the coach, this access is then subsequently revoked. Only you will then continue to have access to your data.

Please note that, if you do not want to grant a doctor or coach temporary access to your results, you will notbe able to continue using Leadlife. Is therefore important to bear this in mind.

Yes, you can ask for your data to be removed by emailing

Following your request, we will start the procedure of deleting your data.

In addition to the security of your data, Leadlife attaches great importance to the scientific underpinning of all results.

This means that we do indeed intend to carry out any scientific research using raw analyses, for example. However, we would like to emphasise that, given that we do not link the raw analyses to the user data, this is completely anonymous. This can only be done via the app on your mobile phone (see also 'Is my data secure'?).

If we need to connect the two for a specific investigation, we are obliged to ask your permission first. Permission can only be explicitly granted manually by you (via your unique key within the app).

2Measure(+) journeys

Our DNA analysis was developed, checked and validated with the utmost care by a number of different scientists.

All insights are tested with the available science from ClinVar, PubMed, etc.

In addition, all results are subjected to numerous peer reviews by scientists from Ghent University (Association).

Finally, we aim to provide a thoroughly transparent insight into our approach and structure for anyone asking about them. This request can be made by contacting our scientific team at

Yes, you must be prepared to travel to complete your 2Measure(+) journey.

If you have ordered a 2Measure journey, you only have to come in once to complete your screening. you have ordered a 2Measure + programme, you first have to come in for your blood and DNA collection, then a second time for your full screening.

It takes about 4 weeks after sending over your sample before obtaining your results.

At Leadlife, we provide you with interpreted and doctor-validated insights and advice. This means that you do not need to attempt to analyse your results yourself.

In addition, you will then be able to discuss your DNA results with a specialist doctor will,

providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your reports.

No, Leadlife does not offer any insight into hereditary diseases.

We focus exclusively on personalised insights for nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep levels.

No, this is not possible. Leadlife's strength lies in the fact that your results are checked and validated by a doctor. In addition, this doctor will discuss all the results with you to ensure they are correctly framed and interpreted. This means you can be certain of the best results.

If you are pregnant, it is better to wait until after your pregnancy before going on a Leadlife journey.

Pregnancy does not affect your DNA results, however your lifestyle parameters (such as your current exercise or eating patterns) may be temporarily altered. In addition, a DEXA scan is not permitted during pregnancy.

No, there is too little scientific evidence for the benefits of providing children or young people under the age of 18 with a full analysis of their optimal lifestyle.


No, a DNA sample is not difficult and is completely pain-free. You can carry out the sample collection yourself within your own home,

simply by following the instructions inside the supplied manual or by using the step-by-step guide on the app.

The chances of you doing something wrong with the sample collection are slim. If you have touched the cotton bud with your hand, lips, teeth, etc., this will have done no harm,

and you can proceed with sending the sample. If it does turn out that something went wrong, we will send out a new sample collection kit free of charge.

However, please read the manual carefully before carrying out your sample collection. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


No, you cannot use the Leadlife service if you do not have a mobile phone with iOS or Android.

The reason for this is simple: for complete security, your data is encrypted. The Leadlife mobile app ensures that you can access your results securely. In addition, you can only complete your journey via the mobile app.

The application can be downloaded to your mobile phone.

For iOS (iPhone/iPad): click here.

For Android: click here.

If you want to transfer your results on an additional device, simply follow the steps in the Leadlife app (settings > additional device).

If you no longer have the Leadlife app, download it onto a device of your choosing and use the unique key you obtained when you first installed the app.

Should you experience any problems, do not hesitate to get in touch at

Other questions

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